What do you do when a guy doesn't give you any attention?

He's been on my phone for the last two days and even on Valentine's. He never acknowledge me. I give him a card and he was appreciative about it. But he never said happy Valentine's back and it hurts. He lives with me but it's not like i am always with him. I am on my computer listening to music and he thinks I'm crazy because i talk to myself. I talk to myself because i have no one else to talk too.

Oh and I did tell him about it too


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  • He doesn't like you.

    • But why live with someone, when you have no feelings for? doesn't make sense. I sure wouldn't live with someone that i don't have feelings for.

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    • He tells me i am his girlfriend. I call him out on his shit and that he expects me to cuddle him and think everything is alright. I am really pissed. Thinking of kicking him out when he gets home. That's what he is worried about is me kicking him out. But it's common sense i shouldn't have to be sticking around when there is so many other guys who would give me the attention i need. I was his last chance from being on the streets. This is the thanks i get.

    • Oh geez, by the way you described his behavior I assumed you guys were just roommates as well! That is definitely not an ok way to treat your girlfriend. I would tell him to straighten up his act or get the hell out.

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  • You find a different guy who likes to give you his attention.

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