Feminists and such, whats your comeback for this great post I found on youtube?

Society was made by men, and if women stopped working, men could still support it. If men stopped working, society would collapse. Men typically have the more important work that keeps society maintained and they tend to work more hours. Women often do "make-work" bullshit because they choose to follow their hearts instead of being truly productive to make a society thrive, such as hairdressing or nails. Many of the basic things needed to survive are ensured by MEN, not women. That being said, stupid cunts like this who were carried on the shoulders of men through the jungle in our cavemen days can't even survive without the men they hate so much, and they couldn't even BEGIN to start a society like men could because men excel in math and science, which helps make the early technology, whereas women excel in reading/verbal things (aka more emotional stuff). Men are also typically stronger than women, and had the ability to make structures out of things heavier than straw or grass. So if feminists really want to make a difference in society, they should stop bitching about the people who even allow them to live, and instead start sucking their dicks instead for all the hard work they put in.

Something I should add: Are women really treated like crap? Let's see:
1. They get less sentences than men for the same crime
2. They tend to get EASIER sentences than men
3. Women are TWICE as likely to cheat with TWICE as many partners
4. Women are opportunistic cheaters, and tend to blame YOU for their cheating
5. Women initiate 70% of the divorces in America, yet claim MEN have commitment issues.
6. Men pay nearly 2x more than their women do on Valentine's Day, yet women pretend like they're so objectified.
7. Look at most of the typical famous male singers, and see how they are TOTALLY not objectified like women singers. They flash off muscle, money, "swag", etc.

8. Women often get the kids in divorce court
9. Women don't have the same "guy code" as men, leading to them having less issue with sleeping with their friend's boyfriend/ex's than men.
10. Women seem to think it's okay to put their hands on a man, and not the other way around. Just look at Beyonce's sister attack JayZ. People asked what he did to deserve it. If it was the other way around, he'd be in jail, no questions asked.



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  • i would have actually considered this post if not for the following sentence which totally put me off. the person who wrote this could have voiced his opinion in a MUCH more civilised manner, but this is so degrading. how dare someone generalise all women in such a rude manner? I'm all for gender equality and acknowledge a patriarchal society, but wording is everything to me, especially on topics like this.

    "Women often do "make-work" bullshit because they choose to follow their hearts instead of being truly productive to make a society thrive, such as hairdressing or nails."

    - let's remind ourselves that plenty of men, especially those with 'important jobs' actually pay big money over years to look good. if it were unnecessary, men wouldn't give a shit bout these industries.

    "stupid cunts like this"
    - anyone who utters this word so lightly immediately loses a level, or all respect from me. it's dirty and again, unnecessary. if I'm a female reading this and I'm to be persuaded, do it without swearing at me.

    "men excel in math and science, which helps make the early technology, whereas women excel in reading/verbal things (aka more emotional stuff)."

    - there are exceptions to almost anything in life. maybe in general this is right, but there are men who SUCK at math and science, and there are women who SUCK at English . there e female engineers, dentists, doctors, architects. we know this. just because we're more emotional, doesn't mean that's everything that defines us. -.-

    "So if feminists really want to make a difference in society, they should stop bitching about the people who even allow them to live, and instead start sucking their dicks instead for all the hard work they put in."

    -this. once i read this shit i was like, ok I'm done. allow them to live? WHO THE FUCK BROUGHT YOU INTO THE WORLD? without a vagina, u dont even exist! I'm never gonna accept falling into some category that doesn't apply to me.

    • speaking of sucking their dicks, a lot of men these days are thankful if they can even get their dick sucked-.- always talkin bout how hard it is to get laid.

      thats all. anyone else is free to respond but be sure that i will ignore any responses that continue this bullshit. if it were even put civilly i'd bother, but this is disgusting.

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    • Asker, don't hide behind 'some anon on YouTube. We all see that kind of mra stuff on the net and we don't feel the need to repost it on G@G. Either it's trolling or it's your opinion.

    • hide behind who? lmao. i m owning up to the truth of the situation. yes its for entertainment and yes i do bleive in some of the things he says.

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  • Who said I hate men? I love men. I lie my dad, my grandpa, my ex boyfriends that I loved. Who told you I hated them?
    Anyways women don't do things in society that are viewed as important because until the last 40 years no one allowed us the opportunity to. Want to know why there aren't many women philosophers, because girls haven't been traditionally going to school like guys until the last 60 years. If you started one civilization 56 billion years ago, and then started one 60 years ago, which one do you think will have invented the wheel? Probably the one that's had made on time. So because women haven't really had access to the same thins as men until recently they haven't been able to har the chance to make the same strides.
    You said women get the custody more frequently. Well society has created the stereotype that women should stay home and raise a family, so courts give them to the mother assuming women are better at nurturing. As a feminist I want to get rid of the idea that the only thing girls are good at is being a mom which would make people actually look at the way the parents parent instead of the stereotype they've been taught, which helps guys.
    Women singers/rappers typically have to e sexual because men won't pay attention to the any other way. If your a man yet your powerful and smart you can get somewhere invent a new product and change the world, if your a girl and your not cute most guys don't care what you have to say; you become just another little girl trying to be someone. You said women should just bow down and suck dick but when they do it you say they should be ashamed of themselves; but they're just doing what you made them do

  • When were women ever given the oppurtinity or credit to create/discover anything? Lol you're a joke.

  • Let's eat all men. We don't need them as the bone marrow from another woman could be used to fertilize an egg to create another baby girl. Thus creating all girls and we will no longer need men as I disagree with this completely. I like men but oh well.


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  • K, boi. K, boi, let's get some shit straight.
    You've obviously grown up being taught like this.
    Women were never given the chance to create society. Our mindset's instincts told us to push them to the bottom of the social order, same thing with race.
    Women aren't better than men, but let me tell you something, men aren't better than women. Our testosterone brings on many of the worst wars. Try to counter any of these points, I'll offer a rebuttal. Go.

    • Can you say this again. Lawd thank you!

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    • @Bea123 But yeah it's not your birthday anymore so I clicked away halfway through xD I couldn't take it

    • Impressive comment bro

  • Calling women "c***s" across the board right out the gate. You're off to a hell of a start, boyo.

  • *grabs chair and sits quietly in the corner, handing out popcorn*

  • Let the shit storm begin in...3...2...1...

  • All that is more easily affirmed than proven.

    • And we're waiting, of course. :)

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    • affirm
      past tense: affirmed; past participle: affirmed
      state emphatically or publicly.
      "he affirmed the country's commitment to peace"
      synonyms: declare, state, assert, aver, proclaim, pronounce, attest, swear, avow, vow, guarantee, promise, certify, pledge, give one's word, give an undertaking; rareasseverate
      "he affirmed that they would lend military assistance"
      antonyms: deny
      declare one's support for; uphold; defend.
      "the referendum affirmed the republic's right to secede"
      synonyms: uphold, support, defend, maintain, confirm, ratify, endorse, approve (of), agree to, consent to, assent to, sanction
      "the charter affirmed the right of national minorities to use their own language"
      accept or confirm the validity of (a judgement or agreement); ratify.
      "the Court of Appeal affirmed a decision of the High Court"
      make a formal declaration rather than taking an oath.
      "he refused to take the oath but chose simply to affirm on being admitted to the Privy Council"

    • I only asked bc I was thinking of " affirmed" in the legal sense. In which case I wasn't sure what the grat difference between affirmed and proven would be. if not mich different then use of the word " than" would be redundant... And you don't seem like the type to make redundant statements.

      I really was asking bc I was not sure if that's how you meant it or not.

      I suppose I could have asked in what capacity you were using the word " affirm". Well I did lol I asked if you meant asserted:p

      Thanks for the information:) I don't think I realized affirm had so broad a use.

  • They have few universal comebacks that can be applied at any point:
    - Sexist!
    - Rapist!
    - Pig!

    Pick one.

  • I'm as anti-feminist as they come but I love and respect women. You clearly don't, which sucks.

  • Half of these "facts" aren't facts though.

    • OOH, but that's never a problem on the internet! :D:D :D

    • i don't know, are they? i read it and brought it to gag to see what people thought.

  • Oh man, you just opened pandora's shitbox.

    • pandora's shitbox? Rather diarrhea.

    • ij ust read this and thought it was interesting so i brough it over hahaha

      they are all trying to kill the shareer. lmao