Girl says she hates the situation were in please help?

So I've been dating this girl for 2 years anyways, we got into a fight kinda she ignored me for a while then she called me and talked to me and she said that she hates the situation. Then we talked for a week and she texted me today and said that if don't think I should come around unless we get more serious, her kid keeps asking about me.
What does that mean, unless we get more serious. I'm really confused what should I do I'm not ready to get marryed.


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  • She doesn't want to put you in her children's life if she doesn't feel it's going to go anywhere. She can't just be putting a bunch of different guys in her children's life. You don't have to marry her but you just have to show a legit commitment. It would be hard on the kids if you were around often and than just disappeared. She can't do that to her children. So she means you guys need more of a committed relationship that could possibly lead to marriage. She needs that sense of security in you. If you aren't ready for that you should break it off.

    • well I've been around for 2 years that's the thing.

    • It's the not quantity but the quality. If she feels like it's going down hill she doesn't want her kids to be left disappointed. Especially if you've been around for so long. It could be really hard on her kids and she obviously wouldn't want you around if you guys broke up. She just needs more security from. If that makes sense?

  • I definitely don't think she's looking for a proposal right now, but she needs to know that one day it will happen.
    You have to ask yourself, is she the one? Is she the girl i want to marry and have kids with someday?
    If she is, then let her know. If not you need to break up.
    She has a responsibility to that kid, to provide him/her with stability so she needs to know where you stand.


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