I know he's on his phone, so why isn't he replying?

The guy I'm seeing is on a holiday just now back to his home country.

He doesn't get to go very often, so I understand he will be busy catching up with everyone. When he's at home he calls me everyday at least twice, and we speak a lot (usually a voice call as he prefers it) but sometimes sends a message.

We spoke the morning of his flight over, and he called me as soon as he arrived home, but since then I have heard next to nothing!

Ok, so when I look back, he does generally send me a message once a day, or calls or tries to call.

The main issue here is WhatsApp. He's in a foreign country, so it's the safest way to message him without risking charges, But WhatsApp tells you exactly when the person was last online, and when they are actually online. For example, I can see that he's "online" now, and still hasn't read my message from 6 hours ago. He's been on and off online for ages since so why not just reply to my "how are you today?" message?

I know he's been on Facebook and Instagram also just by seeing his activity appear. He's generally glued to his phone as he gets a lot of messages through.

But today he hasn't spoken to me at all when he promised he would call, which is the worst thing.

I'm starting to feel jealous and thinking irrationally. If he's been "online" for the last 10 minutes then who's he talking to at 1am? And why are they more important than saying hello to me for the first time today?

Should I say something or just drop it?


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  • You should say something.


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  • I'd see how long it would actually take him to reply, but that's just me.

    • Not like literally waiting around I'd go about my day and check it every now and again.