Dating a guy that has multiple kids, should I not date him?

I just started talking to someone recently and he has mentioned that he has two children. One was in a relationship where he thought he was going to marry the girl and the other was an "oppsie" yet he still has to take a DNA test to make for sure the child is his. Okay, I have been in a relationship with a guy that had a child and I was perfectly fine, but what stung me was that a couple days ago, someone has admitted that they are pregnant and he's the father. TALK ABOUT DRAMA. We opened up a lot about our past and he admitted that he use to be a man whore big time (lol) at first I was like OH HELL I do not want to be around a guy with 50 million children, but then just being around him and just being comfortable being ourselves made me think otherwise. A part of me kind of feel a bit on the stupid side for continuing to be around a guy that didn't know how to wrap it up but I really just want some wise advice. I'm following my heart but I never been in a situation like this.


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  • You are still young. Don't waste time with a man that has kids, especially because we all know that a lot of women can't love another mans kids like their own.

    There are plenty of nice young single, baby free men your age.

  • I was with a guy that had kids. His baby mama drama was insane... and he only had kids with one woman! My concern in your situation is that he said he used to be a man white but then there's one woman who is currently pregnant with his kid... so it can't have been too long ago, right? I mean if it's his...

    • Man white, ha! That's supposed to be man whore

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    • That makes sense that you would have those feelings. It is not easy to be with a man who has children from previous relationships. Plus if you get serious, then you have to step into a step mother type role. So you have to think about whether or not that is something that appeals to you. And you will never come first... but then again would you really want to be with a man who puts anyone before his children?

    • very true. Very very true.