Girlfriend and I decided to take a break from relationship. Now what?

She's been super busy, awkward, uneasy and confused. I wasn't happy because of that. So we decided it's a good idea to take a break. Now what?

How long should I wait?
If we mutually decided to take a break, who contacts first?

I've heard both pros and cons of relationship breaks. Any help?

We've been together for almost 6 months. She's super stressed with school, work (x3), job search, and balancing friends and me. I'm also busy but not as crazy as her...


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  • Now you get to see other people, and if she says that's cheating you tell her what Ross told Rachael in Friends "WE WERE ON A BREAK", a break is all about taking time to figure out whether you should get back together or not, you should use this time to think really hard whether getting back with is going to be a good idea, is there a way for you to solve those problems? is there a way to start fresh, and if you think this relationship is worth saving then its good to contact her in 2 months or so and tell her you have thought about your relationship and you want to give it another shot and then tell her what needs to change.

    • I still am madly in love with her. Just hoping she's get her shit together..

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    • Well your suggestion was very good in that case, before she breaks up with you... and now she actually has enough time to re-evaluate everything and sort her feelings out, the plan stays the same, in a couple of months get in touch and propose a total remake of your relationship, you have a 60/40 chance for getting back with her.

    • a couple months sounds waayy too long... :(
      60/40 sounds pretty high lol. guess i have no choice but to stay optimistic

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  • Mm , relationship breaks are tricky because it can go different ways. You guys could through this break realize it needs to be permanent because you feel happier on your own. Or it could bring you closer together because you realize you miss each other's presence and just overall that person. You should really give yourself the time to figure it out though , right now it's fresh so your feelings and thoughts might be cluttered but you'll figure it out over time.

  • If she has been as you described it's probably because she doesn't feel the same anymore. A 30 day no contact with her will be the best way to tell. If she texts you she misses you keep that in mind. Other than that if you really think she's the one try to arrange a day to meet and talk with her. Always remember there are more girls out there.

    • hmm it's time to test my patience then...
      plus since i'm pretty busy I don't know where i'd meet girls nowadays (other than online)

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  • be open to other relationships. i see breaks as broken up... its unecessary... shoudl everyone in marriage have a break when things get tough? and in my opinion a good relationship produces and has a therapeautic effect, not draining.

  • going through the same thing...

  • How did you spend your valentines?

    • we went on a date during the day. she made me homemade chocolate cake (an Asian thing), and i also got her flowers. we had separate plans afterwards so we didn't spend time afterwards. Some part of me feels like I've forced the "time-off" too agghhh

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