Are you ambitious as some?

whats it like dating someone ambitious? my partner spends so much time on his music i feel he never has time for me, what do i do? i have discussed this issue but his so in love with music


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  • My boyfriend is ambitious. I am ambitious. Basically we know we want to be together. We know what we want for ourselves. We know the end goal is to have the skill sets and the careers we want and being married to each other. We know that's the end goal. And we know that right now is our time to focus on ourselves - getting us where we want to be so we can then come together at the end.

    It takes patience and understanding to deal with an ambitious partner - even if you are ambitious yourself. It also takes courage to call the other on their neglect when you need their attention. It's wonderful to be ambitious and so focused on a goal, but you need to remember to be there and support those who are supporting you in your ambitions. Otherwise who will be there for you in the end?


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