How to prove that he's the only one?

i've known this guy my whole life and our families are really close.over the summer we started talking and eventually started dating.what can I say we fell in love.well I don't get along with girls so all my friends except for like 3 or 4 are girls and he is the jealous type.well my friends don't like him and his friends hate me with a passion, so we broke up.i balled my eyes out when I had to tell him that it was probably for the best.we still hung out,talked every night on the phone,told each other that we still loved each other,as if we were still together.well once school started our friends started drama and his friend would tell him that I was all over some guy and kissing him.and it was one of his really close friends so he didn't know what to believe.and then the guy he had always been jealous of was paid to kiss me,well he did and I tried to shove him off.but the only thing he saw was the kiss.and now I have to prove to him that he's the only one I want.idk how to do that


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  • can you get the guy who got paid to kiss you to confess to your guy?

    from my point of view, though, if I am really into a girl, I mean really into her, I will cut her a lot of slack which translates to give her a lot of benefit of the doubt and even let her make mistakes. after all she is human too. especially if she talk with me openly. but that's me. hope your guy is in the same wavelength.

    • I agree with you (I'd do the same-in fact I did) but most guys won't.

    • I did and he didn't care.

      he said a kiss is a kiss no matter what the situation is.

  • "the guy he had always been jealous of was paid to kiss me"

    Huh, paid by WHO?

    You can not prove the guy was paid unless the one who paid him confesses t to you boyfriend.

    You can not prove your friend is the only one.

    Not complicated.


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