What are 10 things that you want in a man?

list 10 things that you want in a man that are hard to find in most men.


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  • 1. Tall
    2. Dark
    3. Handsome
    4. Big Cock
    5. Powerful
    6. Rich
    7. Intelligent
    8. Generous
    9. Funny
    10. Healthy

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    • @justbanANNAz you cannot argue with the list! lol

    • So what you're saying is that all the women are lying? Ok.

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  • 1. gentleman
    2. bubbly/funny
    3. down to earth- HUMBLE
    4. virgin
    5. religious
    6. loyal
    7. intelligent
    8. hard working/responsible
    9. communicative
    10. seductive ;)

  • Treating me with respect instead of expecting sex because they say hello.

    Understanding I take care of myself and pay for myself.

    Someone who doesn't need to get drunk ever night he doesn't work the next day.

    Man with a job he actually enjoys.

    Something beyond a high school education. That can be certifications, 2 yr college etc.

    A man that well have those uncomfortable serious conversations.

    A man that will converse without getting angry or defensive, I don't want to fight I want to work it out.

    Respects my crazy schedule. I like working a full time job and 2 part time jobs.

    Must love animals and want to live with cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, amphibians, etc lol.

    Keeps himself and living lifestyle clean.

    Equal chores and financial responsibilities, assuming we ever live together.

    I don't know if I want kids. If I ever do I want both of us raising our kids. I've seen too many mom's that have to ask thier husbansd to babysit so they can have a night out. I'm sorry but the child raising is equal too, no parent should be thought of as a babysitter so the other one can have a break.

  • 1) Honest/Trustworthy
    2) Easy going
    3) Humorous
    4) Kind-hearted/loving
    5) Optimistic
    6) Mature
    7) Respectful
    8) Hard-Worker
    9) Smart (common sense)
    10) Practical

  • 1. Caring but not overly nice
    2. Not clingy
    3. Talkative
    4. Smart (not that it's hard to find a smart guy, I just really like it when he's smart lol)
    5. Well built
    6. Hot (<3)
    7. Easy to get to know.
    8. Likes animals.
    9. Hmm
    10. MONEY (jk)
    Yeah that's about it.

    • whats wrong with someone who's overly nice? Not that I care but I'm just curious to know. Because i absolutely love girls who are really nice. Why is it when a guy is nice it is seen as unattractive?

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    • I thought overly nice would be something like a guy that goes out of his way to help you. Like carrying your books or helping you out with things. That rape thing wasn't what came to mind haha.

    • Oh, well, that kind of nice (what you said) is ok :)

  • honesty kindness loving caring helpfulness romantic humor childeshnesss sometimes. intelligence a little bit older than me

  • 1: Has to be sexy (I prefer white dudes but it doesn't really matter)
    2: Has to be older (up to 3 years)
    3: Has to be taller
    4: Has to respect me
    5: Has to be faithful
    6: Has to be classy and smart
    7: Has to be mature
    8: Has to be romantic
    9: Has to be sweet and a real gentlemen
    10: Has to have money and career goals

  • 10! Lol what fun is that, how about 3? :)
    1. Someone whose driven and passionate about what he does. He works towards his goal in life to better himself and enjoys doing so.
    2. Loves me: don't be with me because you want something from me or are lonely or I make ypu feel special. Like me because you like who I am. And I will do the same. The relationship will last way longer ;)
    3. Someone who likes to learn, grow and improve. I find that most people, not just guys get stuck in the same routine day in and day out because they don't step out of their comfort zone! And they spend time complaining about what they don't have or want. I want to experience and learn things in life and I've yet to find someone as passionate about this as me :D

  • 1. Religious
    2. Spontaneous
    3. Adventurous
    4. Optimistic
    5. Reliable
    6. Honest
    7. Loyal
    8. Funny
    9. Charasmatic
    10. Resilient

  • Maturity, Kindness, Respect, Love, Honesty, Trust, Communication, Eye catch personality, Humorous, Talkative,

  • Maturity
    Hard working

    I like them freaky too (good freaky)


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  • i guess dont be a homo, have good bro code, dont ask me for money and be cool and live well,,,,... we can be friends lol

  • I'm surprised only one girl said money mattered. It seems like almost every girl is turned off by a guy not paying for the first date. Clearly money is of a high priority to them

    • Must be the women you ask out

    • I think money matters only because if the guy didn't bring in enough money then how the hell is he going to support us? I wouldn't mind being the breadwinner but he **has** to bring in a salary.

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