Help I have a date with this guy amd I can't even look him in the eyes?

I've known this guy for 5 month now and when I first met him I was crushing on him big time but due to past situations with other guys, I decided to tell him that I like him cuz i wanted to know the answer and I was sick and tired of wondering, when I told him I got my heart broken he didn't like me that way it kinda sucked and i eventually got over it. He said he wanted to be friends which was great with me but I'm so confused about our relationship now whenever I talk to other guys he gets territorial and the same goes with me whenever her talks to other girls I get thia burning in my chest even though I've repeatedly told myself were only friends another thing I should mention was when I first met him I gave him a bracelet and to this day he wears it. He's one of my closest friends and I don't want to make things awkward but whenever he talks to me now I can't look him in the eyes I always smile like a fool and I look down and whenever im not paying attention i catch him staring at me and smiling and i have no idea why he's smiling. Example the other day we took the bus home together and whenever he talked to me I have to look at some part of his face but I can't look him in the eyes and when I do look at him he's looking at me smiling. I don't know why he's smiling and it bothers me, o swear he'll start to think im blind if i can't look him straight on the eyes I feel like im fighting myself. OHHHH AND NOT TO MENTION HE ASKED ME TO GO TO THE MOVIES WITH HIM THIS COMING WEEKEND this is the first time a guy has asked me out and i thought it was no big deal when he asked me last week but im scared to go with him now I can't look him in the eyes I've had no problem with this before but with him I get all quite and im one of the loudest people on the planet I don't know what to do anymore theirs a part of me that dosen't want to go or see him ever again and theirs another part of me thats doing backflips to go. Please help i feel like an idiot 😭


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  • You're just nervous and this is normal. You'll go and have a great time.


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