How to know if its love?


I'm a guy with no dating experience.

How do i know if the crush i'm experiencing is actually love?

What should i do if its love?


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  • Give it a year or two and see if it wears off. Is it someone you are in a relationship with right now?

    • Nope. It is someone I have a crush in.

      I don't know if I am serious in love with her or it is just a crush that will be gone.

      I have known her for a few years, just that recently I heard she broke up with her boyfriend. And I wondering if i should muster up the courage and tell her i like her

    • You should! If you pass up the opportunity, you will probably regret it later. If you go for it, even if it doesn't work out... at least you will know that you tried!

    • Thank you. I will try to have some courage to do that.

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