Do you guys experience dreaming of your partner cheating , frequently? Help?

I have these dreams quite frequent and its driving me crazy. Is my subsconsious mind or this gut feeling is telling me to leave or sth? I do have trust issues with my bF

I have been dating him for about half a year, he's going to leave this country soon and i think its gonna be over.
I can't remember exactly what i dreamt, but in the dream i was alwasy upset or feel like being cheated on. I dream of him leaving me and him having affairs and not willing to compromise


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  • No... that's not normal. Could be anything, though. You could have some psychological issue. You could be sexually aroused by him cheating. You could be paranoid due to things he's been up to. Who knows.


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  • What you see in the dream?


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  • Are you pregnant? When I was I dreamt that frequently, It's a security thing and was told
    A lot of women do that.

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