Need help with a situation involving my crush/best friend's feelings. He's a moody dweeb and i'm confused?

So, I've known this kid since 5th grade, and we're in high school now. I've liked him since the middle of eighth grade, as well. I guess the only way I could describe us, really, is by our stereotypes. For example, he's a big nerd disguised as a football player, and I'm the Disney-obsessed braniac. We fight all the time, especially during football season, but then he always does something sweet or thoughtful and we're back in the cycle.

For example, in the middle of last summer, Frozen was huge to me. I absolutely adored it and he teased me for it all the time. Upon learning he hadn't seen it, I properlly scolded him, then told him to go rent it ASAP. I thought he would rent it the next day, but he immediately closed the Skype call and watched it, calling me back in the middle of the night to discuss how the movie could have been better, how good it was overall, and how much we both wanted to throw Hans off a cliff for doing that to Anna.

He also does the normal "crushing" signs. Ya' know, staring, teasing, saving my ass when I don't speak up for myself, calling me a "princess", etc. I don't know. He's such a dork, really.

But a few months ago, when the Cinderella trailer came out, I asked if he wanted to go with me. He agreeed, to my surprise, and we hadn't talked about our plans until today. I asked again, and he confirmed he's still wanting to go to a movie that he had claimed around our friends, "Was going to be just another kiddie movie." Like, does this mean anything? Or am I just over thinking this? I'm probably over thinking things, but yeah, I'm still wanting some input. Thank you.


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  • Yea he's going for you, not because he wants to go. That's cute.

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