I Hate boys!My bf is set on having a daughter doesn't want a son at all. Is this odd?

My bf and I just had a huge fight about how he insists on naming a future daughter Leona.. I personally don't like the name. He insists it is Irish and means light of my life. I insisted it wasn't and means lion. He got mad and accused me of being manipulative because I asked him why not name a boy and told him I really wanna name a girl. He became furious saying you can name a son I want a daughter don't want a son only one daughter and I'm naming her what I want! I'm really upset... I said that's fine I have a boys name picked but inside I'm hurt I really wanna daughter but it hurts me knowing he's set on a name and that I have no say and that if I have a son.. it worries me thinking hell disown him... No I'm not pregnant now.. but I do want a child girl or boy... but now its like I'm screwed having a child either way because worried he either won't want the boy or I won't have a say with the girls name. Truly hurt... I tried to convince him maybe to let me name her... but no.. only made us argue more... is this normal? I'm so worried.. I'm so happy with this man except the baby thing... He ended the argument saying... I already told you name YOUR kids whatever you want as long as I name MY daughter and you can name OUR son like.. wtf it'd be my daughter too!


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  • This is so wrong, but tell him this. One day his daughter will grow up and will get penetrated by male/s and will be inseminated. Ask him if he's okay with living with that fact.

    Chances are he'll freak out and start wanting a son instead xD

    • Actually we've already discussed the future kids and sex thing... he's like I'd prefer she wait til 18 but its okay if she has sex at 16 -_-

  • Is he afraid his son will be better than him?

    • Honestly I don't know... just very stressful he lost his dad at two but gets along better with his dads family... So don't ask me why he doesn't want a son to name after his dad...

    • Put your son in a foster home if you hate him

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