Does he like me or does he just want to be friends?

I met a guy a few months ago and then about three weeks ago we had sex. We where hanging out after the club and he was talking about this TV show I had never heard of. So we went to his place and watch some of it. (We where both sober), we where sitting in his bed watching the show when I saw him look over at me. I glanced at him and quietly asked "What?" that's when he kissed me and that lead to us having sex.

Im not a one night stand kind of girl so straight after I put my clothes on and told him "i don't do this so i'm just going to leave". He called me adorable and kissed me. I then left. Two days later he messaged me saying "I wasn't sure to message you or not" after that he made comments about how I ran away like he had ebola and we have been talking ever since. We planned to catch up the other night and he was very hung over from the night before. All we seriously did was watch a Tv show and then he walked me out. We didn't kiss and we barely touched. Im not sure if he wants to be friends or what. He made comments bout how he felt like shit and that it wasn't my company..

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  • He probably thinks you're a bullshitter, "I'm not a one night stand girl" but well she's just had a one night stand with me... so confused right now!

    He may still have an interest in you or your reaction after you had sex has hurt him and he's backed off. I doubt he has friend zoned you, he's probably just confused.

    Most men in his situation wouldn't know how to handle dealing with a hypocrite.

    • I wouldn't really say I'm a hypocrite considering its the first time I have ever had a one night stand. But thank you for your advice.. How should I proceed?

    • You are a hypocrite because you are a one night stand girl. You've had one ONS and I bet you'll end up having more. I'm not knocking you for it, but please spare the bullshit. This is one reason many men don't take women seriously, the shit that comes out of a woman's mouth really is a wonder to behold as exhibited here.

      To answer your question, you proceed by not sending him mixed signals, if you want to have sex with him, have sex with him, if you want to be friends then tell him, if you want to be more than just a casual fuck buddy or friend then show him you want more.

      You cannot send mixed signals and then sit back and wonder if he likes you and wonder why he's acting the way he is. Be consistent with him and you may find he'll be consistent with you.

    • Thank you

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