Should I ask her over or is it too soon?

So I went out with a girl from tinder which is also in one of my classes for the first time on Valentine's day. Seemed like she had fun most of the time but there where lulls every once and a while that seemed to make her a bit uncomfortable. I've never had much confidence in making moves (still yet to have a first kiss at 20...) so the only move I made really was putting my arm around her for a few minutes when we were watching a movie at her place and she hugged me at the end (I wanted to kiss her at the end but I'm tall and girls always turn their head to the side to hug me..) So it's two days after and we both have movies to watch for a project in class and I want to invite her over to watch it with me so I can try and make a move. Is it too soon for this? I don't want her to lose interest, she said yesterday that she had fun on the date but her texts yesterday were a lot less frequent then before we went on the date. Any advice?


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  • If by make a move you mean sex, then no. Waaaaay too soon.
    If you mean kiss then go for it!

    • Never had a first kiss sooo sex is a bit of a leap for me currently so just a kiss.

    • XD Then you're good to go! Just don't rush into it. See if she's interested at all or if she just wants to chill.
      Advice from a fellow kiss virgin

    • haha Thanks! I asked her if she wanted to come see the movie and she said she would... if she didn't have an exam to study for. I'm hoping this isn't just an excuse but I've had girls use this as an excuse on me before so I don't know...

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