He makes me laugh, and he laughs at the weird things I say, does it sound like a keeper lol?

So this guy (A) is good friends with my best friend (B) because she was good friends with his best friend (C). But his bestfriend (C) thought that he and my best friend (B) were dating, but when he found out she only liked him as a friend he stoped all contact.
Anyway, i have met (A) a couple of times and he find me hilerious, and he makes me laugh aswell lol. he's kinda my type, and i could see myself maybe dating him actually. Right now we chat on snapchat every now and then, and he has liked my profilpic on Facebook. He realy makes me laugh, and he doesn't look weird at me when im being myself (and i can say the weirest things). But im not going to make the first move, and for all i know he could just be friendly. So how to i go about this? should i do something? he's not super hot, but he does make me laugh and he as a beard, so it kinda makes up for it, lol


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  • Just make the first move lol

    • well he dosent really start any of the conversations... so i dont know.. it could just be the way he is... for all i know it has nothing to do with me

    • Just drop little hints and flirt a little, see how he reacts. If he ignores it, fall back, if he flirts back or gets really happy over the compliments move forward.

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  • You love him for sure


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