How does a girl who tells you she loves you multiple times just go cold turkey and quit calling / talking to you?

She is stressed out right now.. ok I get it.. but to just quit talking to her boyfriend of over year (this is about the 4th time she has done this)


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  • maybe talk to her or call her first

    • She isn't picking up the phone or returning texts since Saturday morning... don't understand.

    • maybe she doesn't like you leave it a while longer

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  • you should make more of an effort to see what it wrong. Maybe if you go over to her place or call or text or something it will show her that you actually care about her

    • I know what is wrong, she just doesn't want me to help and feels like she can't devote anytime to use right now.

    • tbh, I was once in her shoes. there was this guy and I wanted so bad to talk to him everyday when I saw him, but when I did see him I would always get too nervous. It got to the point where I didn't want to even look in his direction and wanted nothing to do with him. If you have personally tried everything in your power to try and make an effort towards the relationship, then there is nothing more to do. The ball is in her court now and if she chooses not to play, then you might have to face the harsh reality that you will just have to walk away.

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  • It makes me happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a rooof.. It makes me happppyyyy.