Urgent-What should I do? Is he still hurt and angry?

met this guy October 2014, spoke everyday upto 5 hours a night on Facebook, skyped, sent txts , and spoke on the phone, he lives overseas, everytime he came online he would send me a message. I went back to see him end of Jan, he said he was so happy. 3rd night we arranged to meet up, he wasn;t sure till he arrived where we should meet, so I phoned him 30 minutes later I checked credit after speaking to him, went down to where we met the first night, but didn't wait long as the security guard was hassling me,. I went to buy a phone card, was walking there and had my mobile snatched out of my hand, next day spoke to the guy, he had been waiting for me for 1 hour, and was really upset about it, I spoke to him again a couple of days after, he said he would give me another chance I said I wouldn't let him down again, he said he couldnt help himself, it was my last night thats when we we're meeting, he was working at the time, I texted him 1 hour after he finished work. He said he had gone home waited 20 minutes, said I was in hotel bar I said if he didn't come back there wouldn't be a next time,. I kept phoning him plus sent him texts, I had had a few drinks. The next day he had blocked me on Facebook. been a week and he hasn't spoke. I installed whatsapp on my phone, he is on it, it said he had been on one week before. I sent him a song and my photo, ever since he now knows I am on it, he has been coming on everyday since, sending him stuff. sent him a photo of the teddybear I had bought him for Valentine's day which I was going to give to him when I saw him. he sent me message I don't care I don't want anything from u, give me space, and peace, haven't said anything back, but since sending me that, he went on twice same nite, and again yday, never used it much before, do u think he was lashing out, really does care deep down? Don't tell me to forget him, I can't because of the way I feel about him, and I know he felt for me as much, he said he more than liked me, a feeling he had inside

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He's been on Whatsapp on again this afternoon, and just now


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  • I think he might still care...

    • Do you really think so? How can you tell?

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    • still... leave him alone for the time being, he did ask for space didn't he?

    • Thats what I am doing, not said anything to him

What Girls Said 1

  • It's not your fault, your phone got snatched, if he doesn't understand that and tries to make you feel guilty over it, he's got issues

    • I think he felt like I was playing games with him, and that I had stood him up, and then he said he thought he saw me talking to another guy, he is a bit insecure, and can be a bit negative at times

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    • Thank you so much?

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