Why won't he ask me out if he's into me?

Hi everyone! I have a crush on this guy I work with but in different departments. I'm 19/he's 22. We're both kind of shy, so sometimes it's hard for me to show I'm interested. After staring at me from a distance for months, he's been coming up to me the past few weeks to make small talk. My co workers also notice that he goes out of his way to see me and stares. My co worker ran into him and joked that him and I should get together because we're both single. She said he went on about how he thinks I'm really cool and beautiful and seemed surprised when she told him I think he's cute. That night, he asked for my number on the way out. We texted for a few days, but I noticed he was always the first to stop responding so I only initiated contact a couple times. He no longer texts me, but he still comes up to me at work. I've given him opportunities to ask me out by asking him what his plans are on his days off, but nothing yet. He's not the player type and seems pretty nervous around me (as am I). I'm not sure if I should wait it out and keep trying to show my interest, or just ask him to hang myself. What do you guys think? Thanks :)


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  • I think just wait. If he really really wants to be with you he will ask you out. I did that mistake and asked a guy from work out as he was sending me signals that he likes me... He rejected me and said he doesn't want to get involved with anyone from work :( so it's awkward now and I'm very upset! I think he is just not that into me. So I hope your guy will ask you out. If not, then not that into you...