Why did he flirt with me again?

I met this guy a while ago through mutual friends, and we texted back and forth for a while and flirted when we saw each other and eventually one thing led to another and we slept together. At the same time though, he had just started dating one of his friends, because she had admitted to be in love with him (she telling her feeling and me sleeping with him happened in the same couple of days). I don't know if this had anything to do with why it never worked out with me, but he thought sleeping together hadn't been a wise decision. After this we saw each other together with friends a couple of times and he would always act normal (perhaps slightly awkward at times). But now I saw him again and he was acting all flirty again (in the beginning he was always touching my hair/head and he did that again).. could it be he is still interested in me or am I thinking too much of it?

Im thinking about texting him, not necessarily because I want something to happen again but because I just want to be friendly with him again.. Any opinions?


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  • Well obviously there's an attraction, but he did point blank come out and say he's judging the decision the two of you made to sleep together too fast. Which essentially comes out as, he's judging you for the decision the two of you made. I'm not saying I totally disagree with him (I think it's better to wait to progress to that point), but he was right there with you, and let you know AFTER the act that it was bad.

    This is also the same guy who would sleep with another girl within the same couple days of dating someone else.

    So he's judgmental, hypocritical, and kind of shady.

    I'd stop fussing on his actions and what they mean and just friendzone him for good. He's clearly not boyfriend material.

    • Yeah you re probably right.. But on the other hand I just really want him to want me you know :p I'm not even sure how much I really like him

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    • I do get what you mean, I've felt the same way. But in your quest to get him to want you, you're actually doing the opposite. Guys like him start to come back and regret their decisions when you pull back and they think they've lost you.

      Also, I'm sure he said all those things and did judge himself a little bit. But there's a reason he chose to date the other girl instead of you. There's a reason he pulled back with you and not her, and it was because of the sex. Whether he admitted it or not, that decision you both made changed his feelings about you.

      Like I said, he's the kind of guy who will sleep with a girl in the same few days as dating another, and then tell that same girl it was a mistake. He's not the kind of guy you want to get wrapped up with.

    • thanks :) I know you're right, he wouldn't be good for me