Was it a date or not?

I'm not sure whether it was a date or not. We were chatting and I mentioned that most of my friends were away with boyfriends for Valentine's Day. He said he hadn't realized it was Valentine's and then asked it would like to go for a drink with him. I said yes and we agreed to meet for a drink, although we didn't finalize plans until Saturday itself. When we met we spent like 4 hours chatting and stuff. But I couldn't tell if it was flirty. He was leaning in to me a lot and got closer as the night when on. But didn't touch. We went back to my place and ended up chatting a bit. Before we made out and went a little further (but not sex). He stayed over. But when he left in the morning it was a bit awkward and he just hugged me when he left. We've texted quite a it since and he said he had a good time and wants to do it again. But part of me doesn't know whether he actually means that. Why would he have been so awkward in the morning? Is it because he doesn't like me and it wasn't a date?


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  • It was a date, but he isn't sure where the two of you stand now. You've switched from friend zone to dating, and yes it can be odd for a while.

    • What can I do to make it less odd? Or does it just need time?

    • Time is good, just let him know that this wasn't just a one time, thing that you do like him and want to keep seeing him

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