Guys... why do you feel like a woman expect high expectations from you?

I realized clearly why dating has not worked for me. I realized it while having a conversation with a guy I am dating. I looked back and it all male since. It's not that you all feel pressured you just want your woman to have it all. Do you not understand that we want love? It's fine that you have goals... we want to see that but while you are in the process of obtaining it dont push us away. Just be honest... we like men with goals. If I have feelings for a guy who has a decent job I'm happy. As long as you set goals and live life it's cool. Now he is more relaxed and it feels like we are going somewhere or moving forward finally. All I'm saying is be careful. .. you may lose the most important thing in your life before things get better.


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  • I think some men still envision relationships in the 1950s sense, in which men's main role is to provide financially for their significant others + families. There are also a lot of cultural influences (see: half of rap songs) telling young men that the way to "get" and "keep" a woman is by making money and buying her things.


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