What do you do in this situation?

This guy i was with when i was young, liker 18-20 he was a jerk and i was a jerk, so in all this jerking lol we never really became anything, So we just ruined our chance and now we are older and wiser.
He is with a girl, they have dated for 2 years but we do talk time to time and he really wants to meet me and he says he doesn't want to lose me and wants to stay in touch.
I mean he is important to me but i remeber he hurt me, but i hurt him too and in hindsight we were so young and didn't know what love was.
He said if we hadn't acted the way we did we would probably been together right now, but that didn't happen, but maybe in the future.
I dont know what he wants, if he is sincere or not, but he has a gf why would he say these things if he is happy?

Than again if he wanted to be with me he would and wouldn't say maybe in the future.


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  • If he has a girlfriend, stay away from him. If he is willing to say these things to you when he has someone else, then he will surely say the same things to another girl once he's with you.

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