How to handle the fact an ex still texts & calls?

I have been seeing this guy for a year & a half. When we first started seeing each other I noticed he text a certain woman. He also dated her 4 years ago for 3 years. She's been & still is in a relationship for 3 years to another guy. He never hid it. I have male friends no biggie. Well, she gets obsessive with constantly calling & texting when we are together. I finally ask my guy what was the deal. He said not 2 worry if he wanted her he'd have her they are friends. He said he blocked her calls & from Facebook. I noticed she's not blocked now after a few months i noticed she called. They never see each other and he declines her calls best I can tell & rarely texts back but she still texts. How do you handle this?

I have already told him this bothers me. He blocked her but now she's u n locked & calling again.


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  • If he wanted her, he would have gone for her. People will have friendships and even relationships from the past that ended on friendly terms. Let it be.


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  • Communication! If this is bothering you, (and you have every right to be bothered by it), you need to tell him!

    • I have actually twice. That's why she's supposed 2 be blocked.

    • Well if you've spoken with him about it twice, and he's still not doing anything about it, then I'm sorry to say this but he probably doesn't care about your feelings very much. You shouldn't even have had to tell him twice.