He didn't make an effort for valentines day. Bad sign?

1. He already went off onto one about not needing a day to prove he has feelings for someone.
2. I wasn't expecting anything.
3. He's not my boyfriend
4. If he was my boyfriend and ticked every box it wouldn't bother me if we didn't do anything.

My friend just asked if the guy I'm seeing took me anywhere for Valentine's and says if he is trying to make an impression then he should have made an effort, especially as its early days. I've never received a card, a gift or been taken out for Valentine's day and I have never thought it meant the person I was seeing at the time wasn't interested. Of course it would be nice to do something, but I think its more for when I'm in a relationship.

What are your thoughts?


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  • He told you he doesn't care about v-day, and you're not even officially together. You're making mountains out of molehills. He's being honest with you by not trying to pretend to give a shit about something he actually doesn't give a shit about. You're over analyzing this.