What are secret things about girls that guys actually love?

Like the way she looks at you, or her laugh. Like what are some things that you secretly love about woman?


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  • It's not a secret but it's where a lot of women fuck up. The little thing that makes the biggest difference is when she doesn't jump to conclusions and always assumes benevolence until presented with evidence to the contrary.
    Lets say I said I'd meet a girl at a restaurant at 8pm, it's now 8:20pm.
    Most girls: "He's cheating on me! He must be! This is designed to humiliate me in front of all these servers who totally give a fuck.
    A good girl: "I'm sure he'll call me as soon as he can to let me know what's going on, and has a good reason why he hasn't made it on time."
    I cannot fully articulate how much less stressful this makes my life, and how much it makes me want to do absolutely anything to make her happy.


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