My Question of the day: GaGers what is the best/most interesting and worst/least interesting activities for dating that you can get the most out of?

What dating activity that you get most/least out of in terms of 'relationship material evaluation'?

My worst would be going to the movies. You rarely get anything out of it other than watching the new movie. You can't really talk to your date, can't press pause to use the bathroom or to get some popcorn, and you can't turn the volume up or down.

my best dating activity would be going on the beach. I can talk to my date. We can even have a picnic on the beach. we can bring our kids with us. The best part is I can listening to the sounds of the ocean.

What about you GaGers?

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  • I think the movies are a terrible first date, I agree with you. You just sit and watch, there is no talking to each other or getting to know one another. To me, the best would be something outdoorsy, like a hike or weekend camping/backpacking trip. You find out if they enjoy being outside, you see how helpful they are, how open they are to new things and you really build a relationship (or if it's a bad date, I guess you don't). You also get to talk to one another a lot, see how awful and smelly they are in the morning :D haha etc.


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  • I don't like the movies either! I prefer to be able to talk. My favorite date is hiking-- it's casual and laid back enough to feel comfortable, but it's also a great chance to talk and get close to someone. They're especially great when the park isn't very crowded, and you can sneak a quick kiss, it's pretty exhilarating. They also don't let the date get boring. Even if you don't have much to say, just walking or looking at the pretty scenery doesn't make an awkward silence. I also love going to the playground... it's a good chance to get a little flirty and handsy, and it's so fun kind of being a kid again. good luck!

  • Best in the winter would be ice skating.

    You can pretend to trip and fall and use that as an opportunity to cling onto the guy. Woohoo physical contact!


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