Help/advice needed, came on strong?

Seeing a lady for a few weeks, unfortunately I came on a little strong, and she pulled away, I didn't push, just saying I was having fun getting to know her better and got a little carried away, and she said I am amazing but she is too confused to date anyone right now.. I replied I am around if you want to say hi, but I'll let you have your space, and have just let her be... pretty much nothing more I can do until I hear from her yeah? Any contact from me just contradicts everything I said...


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  • I think it's great that you gave her some space when she said she needed it; definitely a point in your favor. I'd try to keep at least a little contact though, rather than completely cutting off all parts of her from your life. Just a simple hi once in a while, talks about non-sexual things, etc can keep you in her mind without chasing her away.

    • Old cliche too, give her some time to miss me, and she will figure out how much she like's me I guess

  • so you think she said she's :'too confused to date anyone right now' because you came on too strong? if not and she really means it well there's nothing you can do just respect her space as a friend. still you can talk to her, keep in touch, that wouldn't condradict anything you said

    • Thanks for your second point, so true.
      I think I came on too strong and added to the problem , my dad died recently and I had a bad weekend :( but yeah, I have not reached out for a few weeks now

    • Ohh, her comment t that I am an amazing, fabulous, funny person and she sees a lovely lady in my near future makes me think brush off. Though it's impossible to read anything into that comment

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