Does he not want a second date?

We had our first date on Valentine's day and it seemed to go really well. We've been texting pretty much constantly since then too. Tonight he mentioned he was cooking some dinner and I joked that he should make me some too sometime. He replied asking why that was and so I (semi) jokingly said I see how it is. He just said he'd be shy too cook for me. Am I reading way too much into this or does he just not want to go out again? I thought I was pretty obvious...


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  • No he was looking for you to say... "I would love to have you cook for me" or something like that... Plane and simple..
    I do it. Just confirms the situation.

    • I second that- chicks do that too. I wouldn't worry about it! If he is putting energy into texting you constantly that means he's interested.

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