Why do guys sometimes do this?

I met this guy last year and we really hit it off. We spent 2 months talking online and really didn't get to hang out much because he said he was busy. He would tell me how he wanted to spend the summer with me and how I was the type of woman he could see himself with. He then ended it with me for having depression and wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell him I was waiting on my moms test results. He ignored me. 2 months later he msgs me just to tell me he wants to date my friend. He told me I shouldn't be upset because we only hung out twice. My friend said he was never really mine so she could have him. I was deeply offended. Him and spent 2 months talking online everyday. We discussed our insecurities and really opened up to each other. Now they are telling me it's one sided. Why are some guys like this? Why do they pretend to be perfect and then tell its it meant nothing? I know not all guys are like this, but I'm sick of feeling led on.

Anyone else?


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  • All guys aren't same actually but it depends on situation they have like if he would love u then he won't leave you


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