My ex-date suddenly text me after 5 months of barely contact?

We were seeing each other somewhat exclusively for 6 months then due to family problems he didn't talk to me often then it fades away until we don't talk to each other at all. It has been 5 months since that day. Suddenly on Valentine's he text me saying "Sorry I've been so distant lately..." then ask how am I doing etc. What's going on? I still have feelings for this guy what do I do now?


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  • You guys exclusive? that doesn't sound it. Did you both agree that you were in a relationship Verbally and not assumed? If that is so 5months of not seeing each other and not talking is ridiculous EVEN with family problems, people have all sorts of problems and still are able to make a call or make time for the person in their life thus this should be considered very suspicious. my advice to you is to tread lightly because this is a very unconventional situation.

    • We weren't ready for a bf/gf relationshop at that time we both are emotionally unstable and have trust issue from our past experiences. YES we verbally agreed to date each other exclusively. His sister passed away young age I imagine it would hurt, as he said "too hurt to talk about it". But yeah it's weird we completely stop talking...

    • its understandable that its a family tragedy and not wanting to talk about it, but again 5 months is a very long time to be silent, and not talking at all that's odd a text takes a min to write and second to send. I wouldn't jump in head first into it again, just be careful.

    • I see. Agree, 5 months is a really long time to be silent. I'll talk to him about it.

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  • It sounds with 'Valentine's' he also is Sentimental and had thoughts of you With-------It has been 5 months since that day. And perhaps with the 'Fades away' he has also been thinking it over that he is Missing the Kissing and may want to renew a few memories down Memory Lane.
    Don't be so quick to wear your own heart on your sleeve right now here, dear. If things went sour a Month of Mondays ago, he could have this track record of letting history repeating itself, and even if the next time it might not be 'Family problems' to throw a monkey wrench into things, it could be some other monkey business he might toss your way.
    For now, go slow with the flow. I do believe everyone deserves a second chance but for now, don't rush into anything, just feel it out. With your own 'Feelings for this guy,' leave your guard up until you know what you are up against, should it end up to be a full circle pattern he is in.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the advice. Yes, I don't wanna rush into things because I don't wanna see history repeats itself like you said. The only thing is I don't know if it's ok for him to behave that way since his "family problem" is his sister passed away at the age of 22...

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    • Thanks a lot that makes a lot of sense. I will talk to him about it. You really open my eyes :)

    • You are so welcome, sweetie, and happy I did.:)) xxoo