What do you do with about clingy girls ?

What goes through your mind when you realize she is clingy? What do you do about it if you really like her?

I am not one either hehe but I dated a guy who was super clingy and I just ran for the hills.


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  • to me clinggy girls are girls that just like you a lot. i think its super stigmatized and often used by people who want space to have other options.

    other over misused words include, thirsty/desperate and insecure.

    we all have these qualities and it seems to surface more when you fall for someone but its normal in my opinion

    id rather commit to a clinggy, thristy insecure gf than the one whos shady and is likely to cheat... sure the initial qualities can be annoying but its something that can be fixed but a cheating shady girl will get the boot. that shits 100 tiems worse.

    insecurity is one of the greatest drives to do better and thirsty can sometimes mean gratefulness/appreciation as well... clinggy girls are not considered clinggy when theyre wanted and attractive. theyre consdiered loyal and devoted depending on the attraction...

    same with creeps... if one is good looking showing interest a certain way, its not creepy but cute and interested?

    i don't know, i m not jumpin on this waggon and i know i went off topic here.

  • I think that I am clingy, so we'd be perfect for each other.

  • she acts like you have been together a lot longer than realtiy


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  • I have dated guys who were super clingy, I don't really mind but dude.. Lol give me space 🙈

    Which is funny because I'm clingy, not super duper clingy but just clingy in general 😱😂

  • I want a faithful committed clinger!!

  • I think the clingys are sweet but that's just me lol