I can never have him?

I have this huge, mentally crippling crush on this one guy... But I can never have him. I think he wants sex more than an actual relationship, and I think I might have messed up my chances with him anyway by saying one, simple, irrelevant phrase.

Then again, he's never seen the romance-loving side of me, so should I try to show mine and find ways for him to show his? If you think it won't work, how do I forget him? Please help!


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  • Yea try to show him something new by being different than all the other females he's dated. Try to "turn him out" by finding his soft spots (emotionally) and getting him to fall for you. The best ways you can do that is by
    1- be a lady at all times
    2- be sweet and romantic towards him
    3- let him know that you'll be there for him and show it
    4- if u also want sex u can give that to him later but for now just show him that u can be a great girlfriend to him but if u don't want sex then talk to him about it
    Just basically don't act like every other girl that's out there. Be yourself and be different so that hopefully he'll realize that ur something special and he'll want you. I've tried this on 2 guys and it's actually worked on one of them. It almost worked on the other but I got tired of him lol. But good luck.

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