How to ask a guy something?

How do you ask a guy what he wants from you?(dating wise) And tell him that you like him?


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  • Tell him that you'd like him to join you for coffee, you have something you'd like to talk to him about. Then...
    "So... I think I like you."
    ---his response (hopefully it's somewhat positive, or at least not a direct rejection)---
    "okay... so what would you think about a relationship? Would you be okay with that?"

    Boom, done. Awkward as shit but it's so much better to be super awkward for 5 minutes, than wonder 'what if' for who knows how long after, if you really like this guy.
    I managed to do it pretty much like that, while the barista who I chatted with every day while studying at Starbucks was on his break at the table right next to us.
    We're still together, 1 year later so... you can do it! :P


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  • Easy. Ask them
    "So... is this a... date?"
    A: Its cute.
    B: It's clear and direct.
    C: It puts him on the spot so you'll get a definite answer.

    If he pussy out of the question , then please... just leave.

  • Sounds like a good way to get taken advantage of.


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