Why do guys cheat?

Yes girls cheat too but since im a girl i want to know what makes a guy cheat on his girl? someone he claims to love? or even if you didn't love her why be with her in the first place? I know some couples fall out of love but why cheat?

I have never cheated on anyone (but then again.. i never had a real relationship lol). Even if i had a real realtionship... I would never cheat on you. im the type of person that of im with you... im with you. no one else. I see a future with us.. it means that i love you.

If a guy is so unhappy with his relationship... why not just break up? why hurt the person even more by making her believe that, while you were cheating, you loved her when in fact you didn't?


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  • Never cheated either. It's because there's a lot of douchebags guys now days. The whole hookup culture thing plays a part of it. I think that a lot of guys just don't take relationships seriously anymore.

    • ik!! this whole idea that monogamy is unrealistic is just an excuse to sleep around and be careless. well guys should care bc its a relationship. you dont just toss that aside whenever you're bored. its really unfair for the girl and wasting her time. its not just lots of douchebags but its out society as well encouraging men and women to freely sleep around with lots of people. it's dangerous and careless.

    • I couldn't agree more, I never have been or will be a guy like that. To be honest I feel like I would feel guilty if I did that to a girl, that I didn't do right by her.

      But yet, my last girlfriend left me for another guy, then got used two weeks later by that guy. And me being stupid I tried to get her back, was there for her, but yet she couldn't see herself being with a guy "like me"...

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