How should a man approach a woman?

Since many girls feel different on the ways that men should approach women, what's your opinion on what a man should or should NOT tell you while asking you out?

If a man were to approach you and ask you out to go out with him, what would you want him tell you? To be more specific, would you want him to romantically compliment you on your appearance, (Note: 'romantically' not sexually harass you) and offer to take you out for coffee? Would you want him to be upfront and to the point? Or would you rather have him try to flirt with you and slightly beat around the bush a bit? (Note: This is a man who is mostly or close to a stranger to you)

I'm asking this since I'm about to practically ask out a female stranger, lol.

Feel free to elaborate and give your input if you feel some things are worth note-taking!

  • He should be straight to the point
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  • I'd like a few romantic compliments
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  • He should come up to me and start flirting!
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  • In my case I like when a guy comes to me and complements something about me... It doesn't have to be about my looks, it can be about something he saw me doing or something like that... If he is not in a hurry it would be best if he tries to know more about me... That will show me that he is interested and that he is puttin some effort to it... Then after a while I would like for him to invite me somewhere... It doesn't have to be somewhere where money is required... Some girls like me like outdoor things such as playing sports or simply walkin if what the guy is looking for is talking...


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