How do I fix this or is it not repairable?

my close guy friend and I hooked up. it's been known that i've had interest and that night he finally admitted to having feelings for me and how much he liked me and wanted me, etc. i would say we never were truly just friends, we've only known each other since October but have spent every weekend together since. we've definitely built a friendship on flirtation and it's probably never been platonic. we are in the same group of friends, we have a group chat and we all talk almost every day. things have been weird and confusing ever since we hooked up and i sent him a text stating that we need to be just friends and not let it happen again. he agreed saying our friendship was important and blah blah blah. then when we actually saw each other it was awkward. he was actually even rude and standoffish and even a little childish. i got emotional and pissed off because of it and it just wasn't good. if i give it space will everything be okay or are we just not capable of being friends? and what's his deal? i can give more info if i need to but im trying to be as concise as possible


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  • Sad to say this but the friendship is over. Either decide to be in a relationship or have him gone from your life entirely...

    • we spent Valentine's day together and the next day he was nice again but i feel like every time we are in a social setting with alcohol and where i look hot, he's gonna be a jerk to counteract the attraction. how do i suggest a relationship at this point? if he wanted to be with me, wouldn't he have suggested it?

    • No he's not going to suggest it. From what you have said he is very attracted to you and he might even really like you. You texting him and saying that we should just be friends was a shot through his heart. He thinks he's been friendzoned and he will not try again. If you want a relationship your going to have to be the one to bring it up. The reason he is rude to you is because he is trying to convince himself that he doesn't like you so that he can move on.

    • it had been a week and a half and i hadn't heard from him and knew we were all going to a hockey game together. i assumed his lack of effort in between meant he didn't want one...

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  • I have almost the same exact story with my best friend. I tried fixing it for two months but he was just too jerky and disrespectful, up to the point when I had to decide to cut all the ties. I don't know what his deal was. But in a sense, I am glad it happened because it opened my eyes and cured my attraction to him. I don't think it is repairable. If a guy could explain what the thing is with becoming rude after an agreed breakup, I would be happy to listen.

    • i did get another guy friends advice explaining that part, if you want to hear it haha

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