Help with online dating please?

I am having a really hard time with online dating. I send messages to girls and I rarely get a response. I always try to base the message off their profile but I just never get anything back. Am I just not good looking enough? Are there any tips or anything that I am missing to get replies back?

Here is my profile:


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  • First of all, why are you looking into online dating? You're young and it sounds like you have stuff going on around you, so why are you trying online dating? I think you would have much more success in real life.

    You have to think about what you're trying to get out of this. Is it a friend? A long-term relationship? Sex? And then work accordingly.

    I think your profile is fine, it shows you have personality and interests and can spell (people who can't spell or use grammar coherently are a real turn off).

    Guys approach me online a lot. Most times I won't respond because I'm simply not interested. Based on that, here are my tips.

    The first thing you should do is send a personal and interesting greeting. Perhaps a compliment or a question. Do not just say "hey". Try something like "Hi! I don't mean to seem creepy by wow your eyes are beautiful". Make sure it's an honest compliment though. Or say "Hey! Your profile says you like _____." and then ask her something about that. Come off as friendly, interesting, and non-threatening.

    If you seem nice enough, she will probably look at your profile. Sadly, the first thing she'll notice is your pictures. She'll already have made her judgement about if she finds you attractive or not. There's not much you can do if she doesn't find you attractive and therefore doesn't want to talk to you.

    Also for me PERSONALLY, I roll my eyes inwardly a bit when people talk about God or their religion in their bio. But that's just me. I understand if that's your belief and an important part of your life :) It's just not mine.

    And lastly, if she doesn't respond, don't just keep messaging her. She's not interested, move on. Good luck! I hope this helped. You seem like a nice enough guy, try to search more in the real world for love and friendship :)

    • Listen to this las! She's got it set a lot better than I do writing this! A lot nicer than how I worded mine as well!

  • 1. The fact your profile says you're 20 but then you state you're 18 gives off a bad vibe right away as indecisive or that you lied in the past about your age. (Insecurities, wanna be, etc) are the notations they give off.

    2. You seem extremely church oriented. (Note: I am a Canadian living in Norway with my boyfriend, I do not know what America is like outside of sitcoms and cinematic films) In Canada and Norway, religion isn't a strong suit anymore, for me as soon as I hear religion I run for the hills, actually most of my friends are like this... religion starts a lot of arguments and I have ended a lot of relationships with friends and family over it (I'm an agnostic and I believe everyone is free to their own beliefs within their heads, as soon as you try and force it upon me or it seems to be a bit to high on your priorities, I'm out). - Again, this is all just me and I'm sitting here trying to pick out reasons someone may not be getting responses.

    In reverse, maybe try simple messages like;
    "Good Morning/Evening, I'm Alexander, however I prefer Alex. How are you today?"
    I personally prefer these messages from strangers that are kinder and genuine over a little bit to detailed messages. (Again, note: I do not know what you are sending these ladies, so I am just assuming creations in my brain).

    Lastly, you look fine. Not the best picture to put up because it seems you have good features but it's not bad. I'd rate it a 5/10. Extremely average although it seems you have a nice smile and good cheek bones! Maybe try again?

    // I don't mean to hurt any feelings, I'm simply stating honestly from my point of view after quickly scanning your profile to my particular tastes. I believe you are looking for honesty therefore this is what I presented you. I hope you have better luck in the future sir and have a lovely night. //

    - Ulrik

    • Thanks for your input. I noticed the age thing the other day. Thought I changed it but it appears it didn't save.

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