The Ideal Gent? Opinions? How about the Ideal Lady? Any takers Lads?

Well the question says it all, for the Gals, how would you want your Ideal (being realistic) man to be?

And Gentlemen, how would you prefer your ideal (being realistic once again) Lady to be?

Hopefully we can reach some common ground here with both but lets see how it goes shall we :)


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  • An ideal man for me would be nice, funny, smart, caring, and would pamper me and make me feel special/wanted. Also, I would kinda like a strong guy too, like not super macho, but a guy with nerve, in a polite way.

    • Haha polite with nerve, nice one :) And I get you, all completely reasonable :))
      Hopefully he comes round one day soon yeah :)

  • The ideal man.. One whom I love and he loves me in return. To be able to hear each other's problems, to exchange our opinions and reach a middle ground. To have trust in each other. Mysterious, pretty, alternative sense of style, bold, brave, kind

    • Fair enough and not much to ask at all
      And that's exactly right, its not about compromise but meeting in the middle, half way, your spot on and yes, trust is of the greatest importance

      I hope you find him one day if you haven't already :))

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  • My Ideal girl?
    People call me very choosy but this is me

    Personality is everything. So firstly for me, she respects my parents. My parents have done so much for me. And the least I can do is support them through all the trauma. And if a girl can help me do that, then she is defiantely the type of person I am looking for.

    Secondly she knows her limits with others boys. I really hate the relationships where the boy or girl puts friends as their first priority, That just fustrates me. I personally have had that in my life a lot and its not a good feeling. Hurts so much. I also hate it when girls font know thier limits with others boys. I hate mind games so much. If a girl can respect my parents, respect me for who I am, dosent play mind games, knows her limits and dosent play mind games with me, thats my type of girl.

    And oh did I mention maturity? Hahah I could go on

    • Not a lot to ask for at all Brother, sounds more than reasonable and I hope you find her one day, mate. You never know, maybe a good friend of yours has something planned already... maybe... maybe haha :) One day man

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    • Hahah funny how you are just next door.

    • hahahaha you just out the window yet, mate? haha

  • A woman with a sense of humor , someone who balances out my weirdness a bit lol before we make the world even weirder.

    If she likes kid , pets or religious i don't really care that much but nothing to an extreme like having 10 cats or literally hearing jesus talk to her is a no go bravo two.

    Also not too clingy , come on I'm not going to float away or eaten

    • Hahaha I hear you, mate, nothing a guy shouldn't be able to have
      And hopefully you'd end up married to the cat lady but you never know ay Bud haha

      Good luck, mate, best of wishes ay and Champ, that whole wierdness, yeah that makes two of us haha

    • Also i should go to bed , i can't engrish again it's like 1 am

    • Ahaha oh wow, get outta here, mate haha

  • She doesn't have to be the most beautiful thing walking, just decent looking. An average looking girl with a good personality becomes gorgeous. She has to be cool with my introvertness and understand that I'll need more alone time.
    Apart from looks, sense of humor and her embracing her individuality. There's a ring in her future if I find out we have the same/similiar taste in music :D

    • Haha I hear you Bud, nothing too much to ask for and hey, hopefully one day huh :)