Do I have a chance with her or she is reconsidering my friend?

I went with a friend to a Christmas party and we were talking to a girl who sat in our table. She was exaggerating her expressions and I was not sure if it was because of me or my friend. She gave me a compliment saying I have eyes of a prince... because I have them blue. I replied that I just needed a crown since there was going to be a prince and princess of the night. Anyways at the end of the party we took a picture together the three of us and I put my hand on her shoulder and I felt she moved. In the picture she used the fig-leaf position and leaned her head. Later on my friend asked for her number and she gave it to him... and while giving it to him she turn to see me and turned away quickly. She told my friend to tag her in the pictures. Now my friend ask her out and she said she was not that type of girls who go out with men and that she doesn't even have time to go out with her girlfriends. She then called him to apologize for being rude. Now she is friendlier to him. She even invited him to a bun-fire at the beach this feb. 14 of course with more people invited. My friend didn't invited me because I think he thinks he still has a chance and wants me away. I am interested in the girl but I'm not sure how or if to proceed. I only have a way to contact her through fb. Do you think she is reconsidering him? Maybe she want to know him better before going out? She said she had no time to go out even with her gf and now she is inviting him to places in group. She is Pentecostal if that makes a change. Do I have any chance with her if I approach her or I am just messing up things? This guy is more like an aquintance and not a friend. He hasn't invited me to any of their events ever since


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  • Well, you have a chance if you approach her. If you don't approach her, you certainly don't have a chance.

    Asking someone out is always awkward, but it's the only way forward in this situation! Go ahead and do it! Good luck, and play safe!

    • You think I should? I only saw her that one time and we didn't talk too much. I was thinking on contacting her through fb and ask her to met her at church and see how it goes. What do you think?

    • There are certainly worse approaches? I can't see anything wrong with that, altho I'd make sure she understood the invitation was date-ish rather than friends-ish. So, sure :)

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  • Yeah yo do have big obese chance go for it