Would you understand this flirty move?

Hey there! So I took a small leap to try to ask out this guy by asking him if he wanted to submit some work to a journal i work for and then asked if he wanted to get together to talk about it.

He said definitely!
but guys do you think he's interested/understood what i was doing or does he think I'm only interested in academics here?


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  • Classic example of how girls are way way way too subtle for their own good.

    No, he doesn't know or understand what you THINK you've expressed.

    • A. If he agreed does that mean that he's into me? (he said he'd be available this Friday at night)
      B. could i use the meeting to imply i'm interested? and if so, how?

    • A : No it does not mean anything other than he wants to meet to talk about his writing.

      B : You could but I doubt you have the nerve to so obvious.

What Girls Said 1

  • you need to be more specific, that's from personal experience