How to get out and meet new guys?

I'm 19 and I have still yet to be in a relationship... now I don't blame that on myself nor anyone else because I've been so content with being single that I never looked or tried to gain attention from the opposite sex; until recently.

I realised I've become the joke of my friends when everyone laughs at the fact whenever I joke about my celebrity crushes and children I plan to have (the conversations girls have amongst ourselves in curiosity) I get teased with the line, "Well you need to date first before you can think of any of that!" and well I don't think that's fair. Anyway, I'm finally prepared for commitment and to put someone else in front of myself but now I don't know where to begin?

// Note: I work at La Senza and West Jet full time as well as I am a student so I really don't have time to just "go out and meet people," also I am a home body, I prefer & am most comfortable reading encyclopedias and learning languages on my own that I do going to clubs and pubs (yeah, I'm pretty boring). //

Anyways any help/advice you can suggest is greatly appreciated.


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  • You can't go out looking for love, the best way is for it to happen naturally.

    • Haha I don't agree with that for the simple fact I've been told time after time guys stopped hitting on me because I was always busy doing my own thing, I was someone who clearly "had her own schedule" and men weren't into that. I've been told I need to be more approachable and be in better places... however I work at La Senza and I go to a all girls university. Which means 80% of the time I'm surrounded by women and 10% I'm alone snowboarding or biking or studying etc. Things won't happen "naturally" with the way I live my life.

    • well yeah I mean you should surround your self with more men lol bc your sole purpose shouldn't be to find a man.

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  • Ugh I have the same problem. Here's my advice. Don't go "looking for a relationship". Every relationship I've been in has just "happened". For now go out and meet people, and eventually you'll find a guy you like.

  • Marry me!!!


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