So he's into me, but I don't know how to turn him down politely?

I thought he was being friendly when he started showing a bit too much care for me, but by time i realizd that's not the case. Just today he asked me out for coffee, before that he's been flirting and i honestly don't want this to go on anymore but i don't know how to stop it without being rude?


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  • As soon as possible.
    Don't allow this to go any further.
    Tell him, nicely, either that you have another guy
    or wish your relationship to remain platonic.

    Yeah, I totally know how you feel.
    Don't do sympathy sex either.
    That just makes it worse.

    When you used the word politely, that is the key.
    Handle it that way.
    Show you care, but as a friend only.

    Ignore a few texts from time to time

    Let him understand.

    • Thanks for the MHO.
      Let me know how well it goes.

    • No problem, it really is the most helpful one. I appreciate your opinion and effort. Haha i just got a call from him now, i ignored it. 🙌

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  • Better tell him as it is... he should learn to handle a reject


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