Is this considered a trauma?

When i was 12 i was diagnosed with scoliosis and i had to wear a back brace 24/7 untill i was about 16,5/17. That moment changed me because when i was 12 i used to be a very happy girl excited towards life with a lot of friends, socializing felt normal to me. After that i could barely function, i let no one near me, i repressed my emotions, i wasn't interested in life anymore because my life existed out of hosiptals, doctors, itching skin, sleepless night, feel uncomfortable while my body was changing. I made sure no one touched me and avoided people. After it was over the ''trauma'' still effected me in many ways without me noticing i was not the same person, very anti-social and bitter towards life. I'm 22 and very very beautiful girl, i could get any guy i want (no joke) but i never been in a relationship or pursued a guy, because i feel unworthy and still like ''that girl that couldnt function'', im a virgin still. A guy called me '' lifeless'' and that hurt me so much.

Am i just making excuses or is this reasonable?


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  • I think it is, you were affected by something which shaped you in a different way


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  • Yep. Mental trauma leaves scars, which can take a long time to heal. What you are feeling is "normal" (for want of a better word) - it's certainly not weird or anything. Hopefully you can move forward! Find a therapist you can talk to - they can really help you find ways to deal with the negative emotions and move on with your life!!


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  • Even if you had trauma in the past you need to learn to move on and get on with your life.

    I have PTSD from trauma so I have been there.

    • yeah but how do you do that? i did move one... but i don't know how to function properly with people

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    • Im not in a sad little bubble,... i am expanding my life, i just don't know how to open up

    • If you are unhappy and not opening up it is a sad bubble.

      Don't force yourself to talk about it. Only talk when you feel comfortable and with whom you feel comfortable. You will know when you are ready to talk because you will want to talk.