I would rather be asexual than have sex with a girl.. what to do?

it just feels wrong, and i have so much respect for women that i rather stay away from them but friends tries to push me into getting a girlfriend but i dont want to. i have never had sex, kissed or hugged a girl and never even a full conversation. but if i become asexual or whatever then all will judge me... i like girls yes but i am just too shy and all that stuff... i have thought about ending up alone and thats why i will join the army... what do you think? ...


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  • Sex isn't a degrading act unless someone makes it that way. Girls are people just like you. Even if you decide you're asexual that's okay. Everyone is differen and has different wants and needs.

  • I think you're getting ahead of yourself. There are plenty of guys who don't have sex in their teens. Focus on school and activities, even a career. Confidence in what you want in a relationship will come in time. You are probably someone who would rather have a meaningful relationship, and not just want to date someone for physical relations. This doesn't mean you're Asexual. It just means you care more about the friendship, and you just need more confidence in your abilities of having a good and steady relationship. But if you really think it'd wrong, maybe you should become a religious leader who practices abstinance. There are plenty of people who want sex in the military too. I've heard some people can get raped while they are on duty too and it's traumatizing for them.


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