Why won't he message me back?

In the middle of Jan. me and my ex broke up. His friend was very helpful and one night my ex and I were fighting and I found out he cheated on me. I went over to his friends house and he comforted me and we kissed a little bit. We texted a bunch and then he came over the day after the superbowl and we hung out and watched The Fault In Our Stars and we were going to have sex but I was on my period. We kept making plans afterwards to hang out but he kept making up reasons why he couldn't. Then he started going days without texting me and I told him that I was really starting to like him and that I have a big crush on him, he said he had mutual feelings. I asked him to come over last Thursday and he said maybe and then never replied to me, I texted him Friday and no reply. Saturday I told him that me and my friends were going out for Valentine's day and he said he would come with on Thursday but he didn't answer me. Then Sunday I asked him why he was avoiding me, no reply. Then yesterday I sent him a message saying I understand if he is busy, but I hope he was doing well and that I understand if he doesn't want to try anything with me anymore. I said I hope he has a nice week, and that if this was good bye he could keep the beanie he took from me. I would really like to know why he stopped talking to me and started avoiding me out of nowhere. It kinda hurts. Why is he avoiding me?


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  • wow. After the first 100 text he's ignored, you would think youd get the idea that he doesn't wanna talk to you

    • You don't have to be rude about it. Why the hell would a guy say that he cared about a girl and that he liked her if they were just going to ignore her? Don't be a god damn dick.

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    • I didn't mean to sound rude either. Its just he continued to make plans and then wouldn't reply when I asked if he would come over like he said he would. I should just give up on him then. And he already told me that he doesn't care about his friend. He just has a bad habit of ignoring people I guess.

    • "Dont be a god damn dick"... lol nothing rude about that. I think he just wanted to "hit it and quit it", but maybe got the idea you want a relationship or something

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  • Yeah you need to stop texting him!! You're coming off as a stalker

    • I only texted him because we made plans and was following them up and he didn't reply. Not really a stalker because I was seeing if he was still coming over. You need to not assume that I am a stalker and maybe try and tell me why someone would say that they really like you and want to be with you then completely stop talking to you. I think almost any girl would try and see why they stopped talking to them.

    • If he didn't respond the first time you text then you don't need to text again. I think this guy wants you as a booty call. Y'all were going to hook up but didn't.. So now he keeps making excuses BC more than likely he wants it to be on his terms. He may like you.. But not the like you may want.. Don't text anymore and I bet he'll hit you up in a week or so