How to tell what's going on?

So I met this guy on a dating app. We connected right away and started talking and texting by phone for the last 3 week's. We have at least text each other every day since we met. Well this past weekend he came to see me in person. We hung out for a few hours and since then the texting and phone calls have slowed down a little. When he left the other night he hugged me bye and no kiss. He was touching my knees when we were sitting on the couch and he was close to me. He was really quiet in person though and sitting with his arms crossed a lot. Since the texting and Calls have slowed down does this mean he's losing interest in me? Should I take charge and text him a bit more or ask him how he's feeling about the situation? I really like him a lot. I don't wanna bug him or seem clingy tho. We still talk everyday since meeting in person and he still flirts with me just not as much.


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  • you should just be honest and talk to him... ask if he likes you or how he feels

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