How could I get the man I want?

I just recently started talking to a guy I used to talk to during the summer. We had like a summer fling. It seemed like it was going to go some where bc we went on dates and everything. But at the end of the day he never asked me out. He told me it wasn't me. That he really likes me. The only issue is the distant. He only lives 40 minutes away and I have a son. I drive but he doesn't. We can only see each other twice a week for now. I've been thinking about moving around his town bc there's more job opportunities + NYC is like 10 mins away and I want to raise my son there. I want him to ask me out though. What can I do to make him ask me out?


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  • For me your son wouldn't be an issue.
    His dad and his dad's mother and their visiting rights would be a major PINTA and thus a serious reason to overthink a possible relationship.

    • His father would have a problem at first but he knows that I will never separate them. We r only going to be 40 minutes away.

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  • Why he have to ask you out? Why can't you do it if you strongly believe that he likes you the way you like him. The feelings are mutual , i think you should go for it. Ask him

    • You're right. I could ask him out. Thank u!!! 😁