How can I get him to want me again?

this guy I was talking to for three almost four weeks on the phone and we met up once and we made out, soon after we met up some drama broke out turns out some guys on campus were messaging guys and breaking up relationships well they ended up getting his number and he thinks I had something to do with it and I told him I didn't but he said he don't care, I feel as if he is loosing interest in me how can I stop this how can I make it where he is still interested in me I really like him I know I fall to fast for a guy but that is just how I am, I was thinking about waiting a week before I text him again but is that smart or no what should I do it has been a while since I have been in the dating business


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  • Be yourself

    • but should I lay off and let the drama that just happened be forgotten or no would that just make him think I have moved on to someone else or not into him anymore

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